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TechBUZZ is a Journey. Welcome to the First Step.

We’re here to help companies succeed.


Please stay tuned for information regarding the first TechBUZZ of 2019.

Two Tracks. One Application. One Stage. 

Early companies have or are soon entering the marketplace and have achieved customer validation.

Momentum companies have a more advanced market profile, defined as having a scalable model, are growing at least 50% yearly growth, and are in need of capital (est. $5M +/-) to facilitate this growth.

All companies are encouraged to complete the free TechBUZZ application. All completed applications are reviewed by active investors.

Companies Selected to Present Receive

Select Benefits Include:

Companies selected to present as will receive a Launch Package of benefits (contingent upon their honoring the TechBUZZ program requirements) designed to assure a top-quality engagement platform for all presenters and the broader entrepreneurial and investment community. Please note Momentum Presenters are not eligible  for all benefits.

Companies presenting on the Early track will receive one year of MAVA’s Company Innovator Package (a $2,500 subsidized membership fee), designed to keep early-stage presenters involved in the MAVA community and top-of-mind for our extended audience. We encourage all past presenters to become fully-engaged members as they evolve as a means to continue seeding the next generation of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Furthermore, companies selected to present at TechBUZZ will be offered one complimentary ticket to attend the half-day program and a valuable launch package including discounts for team member registration, broad visibility, and top-caliber coaching by MAVA Investor and Associate Members in advance of their presentation on-stage. Each company that submits an application will be offered a discount on tickets to TechBUZZ.

Well in advance of each TechBUZZ, MAVA leverages its platform as a trusted connector of companies and capital to promote important company milestones and further support market entry.


TechBUZZ brings together area investors and business leaders with up-and-coming tech companies. Since launching the program in 2011 as a response to the pull-back in capital deployment nationally, TechBUZZ has served as a consistent and trusted platform for helping elevate this dynamic technology and investment community to national and international audiences. Now one of the country’s most recognized programs for early market entrants, TechBUZZ gives companies with pioneering technological innovations or technology-based solutions to industry problems a chance to get the recognition and funding they need for their companies to grow.


TechBUZZ provides an opportunity for companies to practice and refine their storytelling abilities in front of a community of individuals who want to help and see them succeed. 

MAVA helps you tell this story, from this stage and others. 

  • Customer validation is the name of the game. Be concise and use qualitative or quantitative metrics to support your case.
  • Share details, but be brief. Don’t write 5 paragraphs when 2 would do.
  • On that note, keep your application’s wording as simple as the wording on your website. Don’t overcomplicate your business.
  • Numbers are your friend. Talk about your business in terms of rate of change. Growing is a must, growing faster than you were growing before is even better.
  • Numbers are your friend. Talk about your business in terms of rate of change. Growing is a must, growing faster than you were growing before is even better.
  • Investors go to your website before they go to your social media accounts. Spend time where it counts most.
  • Come to the BUZZHub happy hour for the in-person opportunity to meet with investors, peer company builders, and key advisors.
  • Are you a company or a product? Position yourself as the former.
  • What makes you different than your competition?
  • Some companies will apply too early, and that’s OK. There is no downside to applying before you’re ready to present at TechBUZZ. You’ll still have the opportunity to make important connection, attend the program, participate in a individual feedback session with the Review & Selection Committee, refine your value proposition, and learn pitch best practices.


In order to begin the application, you will need to click here and follow the directions on the website.

TechBUZZ uses a rolling application process. Please stay tuned for information regarding the first TechBUZZ of 2019.

No, there is no application fee. However, if selected, you will need to register your complementary ticket with a special discount code that will be provided by the MAVA staff for the presenter only.

You will be asked to include general company information, specific information to tell a Review Panel who you are and what you build, and answer short descriptor questions about your company.

There is no charge to present if selected. The presenter receives one (1) complimentary registration. We do anticipate that presenting companies will continue to stay involved with our community by becoming a member of our Company Program (but after you’ve received funding). Doing so allows you to join other companies who take advantage of additional benefits, as they move up the lifecycle of company growth which helps us to continue to support other entrepreneurs in the future.

A lot. Actually, $20,000 worth of goods and services in trade. Scroll back up to check it out!

All the information requested is submitted to the selection committee for consideration. If selected to present, your company description will serve as your company profile in our TechBUZZ Conference book. Investors strongly rely on the submitted company description when deciding whether to listen to the pitch (Please pay close attention to the profile summary).

Yes, you will be given an opportunity to make changes to your profile prior to submitting to the printer. There is a short window so we encourage you to note that date on your calendar. MAVA staff will communicate that to you in a timely manner.

All TechBUZZ applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision in a timely manner in advance of the event. Please check back for additional details.

Each presenter will have 4 minutes to give their presentation. Slides are accepted but we strongly recommend no more that 5-7 total in PPT format. MAVA staff will provide detailed requirements/deliverables once you are selected to present. Each startup must designate one founder to make the presentation.

You will be given the opportunity to demo your product at a display table.


MAVA is a non-profit, member-owned organization.
Our mission is to serve companies from early-stage to growth to exit, and as such
we have a vested interest in technology companies irregardless of geography, sector, and industry.

As a non-profit, however, we have limited resources and thus rely on the companies in our sphere to
stay engaged and keep us informed about key milestones.

We strongly encourage past presenters to use their free tickets and stay engaged with our community post-program.
MAVA – and our membership – is committed to and appreciate those individuals that share in our enthusiasm of elevating this dynamic innovation and investment community.


TechBUZZ is totally worth it. There’s no catch – it’s 100% free and you’ll have the opportunity to make amazing connections as you refine your pitch with the help of a MAVA Investor and Associate Member. Keep your app tight and detailed – think along these lines:

My company does: *.

We are different from our competition because: *.

Our traction, validation, revenue is picking up steam. In the past * time period we’ve added * new paying/non-paying/interested customers, *% more than the previous AC period. We’ve received $* in seed funding and have some great people helping us out, including * and *. We look forward to telling you all about it at BUZZHub and inviting our customers, * and * to be our guests at TechBUZZ.

* = fill in


  • Early- and Momentum-stage companies sharing their business story on stage

  • Funded CEOs and industry luminaries sharing lessons learned, best practices, and insights on what it takes to build successful growth enterprises

  • Strategic customers and investors – for now and for later



The application window for the first TechBUZZ of 2019 will open soon. Leave your contact information and be among the first to know when it opens.

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