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The Following Companies Have Presented on the TechBUZZ Stage


The companies below represent some of the East Coast’s top game changing innovation and early stage companies.

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BOUNCE IMAGING    Robotics/Virtual Reality

Bounce Imaging makes advanced 360-degree/VR imaging systems for first-responders. Their throwable 360-degree and K-9 cameras provide unprecedented situational awareness, allowing many users to look in different directions on their smartphone, tablet, or VR headset.

CARYRX    HealthTech

CaryRx is a tech infused pharmacy of the future. Via their mobile app, they deliver prescriptions on-demand to Washington DC and 2-day service for Maryland and Virginia, for the same copay as traditional pharmacies.

FLOREO    EdTech/HealthTech

Floreo leverages the power of virtual reality to develop a platform that delivers immersive, fun, and affordable lessons for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their learning tool’s ever-growing content is based on established social and communication techniques intended to help individuals with ASD build real world skills.

GEL-E    HealthTech

gel-e is a clinical-stage medical device company developing versatile hemostatic products for surgical, medical, and consumer applications. With an initial focus on external wounds, gel-e combines the use of safe, inert ingredients with proprietary chemistry that can be designed for use across a broad spectrum of clinical applications, including vascular closure and during surgery.

INTELLEI    Software/SaaS

Intellei’s mission is to make communication between individuals and organizations as easy as texting between friends. Intellei’s SaaS platform enables organizations to use AI-powered chatbots engage 1:1 with its audience via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other mobile messaging networks. Ready with pre-built skills, Intellei chatbots can be used for every part of a customer lifecycle, from marketing to onboarding to customer support. Using Intellei, an organization can carry on personalized conversations with each of its prospects and customers, without adding any staff.

MALARTU    Fintech/Data Analysis

Malartu is an automated reporting and business intelligence platform for accountants, advisors, and investors to generate insights from client and portfolio data. Malartu’s unique approach enables their customers to provide insightful, timely, and actionable advice to their clients and portfolios.


MileMarker is the leader in on-the-job, real-time, mobile assessment software for apprentice training. Initially targeting the medical market, MileMarker saves critical faculty time, reduces costs, shortens the feedback loop, meets regulatory requirements and increases efficiency.

PET CONNECT    Software/SaaS

Pet Connect is a sales & marketing platform for pet businesses and a pet-friendly, mobile community for pet owners. They help pet owners connect to all the resources they need through a mobile experience, while helping businesses showcase their brands and sell their services within the community.

SORCERO    Software/SaaS

Sorcero is a workforce knowledge and learning solution that helps employees find better answers by bridging the gap between learning and productivity with all the simplicity of asking a question—directly in your workflow.

UNTETHERED LABS    Security/Cyber

Untethered Labs prevents unauthorized access to computers. Their product GateKeeper, is a combination of wireless hardware, and software tools for automatically locking computer systems and providing secure access on demand. Our active proximity based locking of computer is unique in the market since we do not rely on timeout policies or require the users to do perform any actions to lock computers. Easily scalable from 5 to 5000 computers, our enterprise platform makes it easy for organizations to comply with policies like HIPAA and CJIS.

T/B Momentum

CYBRARY    Cyber Security/EdTech

Cybrary is creating the ability to bring all the best cyber security learning elements and content together, from the people who are doing it, the people who have done it, the people who have learned from it and the companies that are innovating on it, and deliver that for free to anyone who needs or wants to learn from it.


Knowledge to Practice’s healthcare education solutions help transform patient care, enable continuity of care, and mitigate risks across hospitals and healthcare systems.

M3D    3D Printing

M3D is a printer innovation and manufacturing company that makes cutting edge technologies more affordable and easy to use.


Phone2Action is the nation’s leading digital advocacy platform for public policy campaigns, powering movements that change the world.


Vemo Education is a mission-driven educational technology company focused on expanding educational access for all Americans. We partner directly with colleges, universities, and other educational providers to design, implement, and maintain income share agreement (ISA) programs to help increase educational opportunity and reduce financial barriers to economic mobility.

3CLogic    Software/SaaS

3CLogic provides leading speech-enabled solutions for Global 2000 clients to improve CX, operational efficiencies and reporting using AI and advanced analytics.   The platform tightly integrates with leading CRMs, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

20th Edition


Proactive Life’s digital sleep assistant guarantees regenerative rest and optimum consciousness by accurately tracking the stages of sleep and providing real-time interventions using sound, light and temperature. We are the first virtual health assistant that uses data to provide personalized and actionable intervention to change and improve preventative healthcare.

Security / Cyber
Security / Cyber

Qmulos provides a new paradigm of Enterprise-Class software for cybersecurity integrated risk management (IRM) of cloud, enterprise, and hybrid environments – operationalizing cutting-edge audit and compliance practices, frameworks, and concepts.


RealAtom is the only marketplace for commercial real estate loans, matching borrowers who want to acquire, refinance, or construct a commercial building, with appropriate traditional and alternative lenders nationwide.

Software / SaaS
Software / SaaS

ReferralRock makes word of mouth marketing a scalable channel for growth. Using our cloud-based referral software, a business can take their existing relationships and turn them into a predictable source of new customers. With built-in integrations, workflow automation, and reward fulfillment we put referral marketing on autopilot instead of waiting for word of mouth to just happen.


Rize helps millennials automatically save and invest for goals that matter. From an emergency fund, to a dream vacation, all the way to retirement, Rize customers can manage all their money for the future in one account that intelligently helps them reach their goals.

Data / Analytics
Data / Analytics

ROUTE helps athletes and parents make data-driven decisions throughout the college football recruiting process using data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics. The MYROUTE web and mobile app changes the landscape of college football recruiting by eliminating the guessing, allowing athletes to precisely target the best path to the best fit school(s) with predictive and visual analytics.

Security / Cyber
Security / Cyber

RunSafe Security is the pioneer of a patented cyberhardening transformation process designed to protect vulnerable embedded systems and devices. Its technology renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors, significantly reducing vulnerabilities and denying malware the uniformity required to propagate.


Starling provides predictive behavioral analytics for managing culture- and conduct-related risks and to improve business performance. We understand that behavior is a social construct. Behaviors are reflected in the daily interactions of employees and, importantly, behaviors are highly influenced by one’s peers. Starling’s augmented management dashboards detect signals within internal communications data to reveal these hidden behaviors, to chart how those behaviors are likely to spread, and to predict the impact of those behaviors on key performance indicators.

Software / SaaS
Software / SaaS

UserMuse makes it easy for B2B tech companies to recruit individuals in their target niche for user testing and product feedback. Its online marketplace makes tens of thousands of professionals easily available to product and UX teams for studies.

Data / Analytics
Data / Analytics

VoiceVibes proprietary algorithms measure features and patterns in voice to predict audience perception across 20 different categories and help coach employees to more effectively present their ideas and interact with customers.

T/B Momentum

Software / SaaS
Software / SaaS

ExecVision is a Conversation Intelligence Platform that analyzes conversations, providing the ability to identify what was said, the context of what was said, positive or negative reaction, and the phase of the conversation where it occurred. ExecVision then interprets and compares outcomes, giving you insights into what is and isn’t working, differentiating top performers from everyone else.


Giant Oak has built Giant Oak Search Technology (GOST®) a SaaS platform to revolutionize entity screening, investigations, and monitoring. We transitioned technologies in behavioral science and Artificial Intelligence from DARPA labs to national security communities, and our patent-pending technology has enormous applications in regulatory compliance (RegTech) for financial institutions, law enforcement, and healthcare, among other markets.


Created by the former Khan Academy Medicine team and Johns Hopkins medical students, Osmosis empowers clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. The Osmosis learning platform and video library has been used by more than 500,000 current and future clinicians to learn efficiently and excel on classes, board exams, and in the clinic.

Robotics / Software
Robotics / Software

Perrone Robotics is the creator of the MAX(tm) platform for mobile autonomy. Perrone Robotics has been in business since 2003 and creating autonomous mobile vehicles of all sizes – from personal/corporate assistants, to 5 different makes of automobiles, to the world’s largest mining truck from Liebherr. The Perrone Robotics platform makes it easy for you to reach your autonomy goals.

Data Security
Data Security

RackTop Systems is a leading provider of high-performance Software-Defined Storage embedded with advanced security, encryption and compliance that empowers both government and commercial organizations. Its flagship product is BrickStor, an all-in-one data storage and management platform that protects sensitive data from cyberattacks while meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

HealthTech / HealthIT
HealthTech / HealthIT

RightEye, a health technology company, is the world leader in the development and delivery of eye-tracking tests and therapies. Our revolutionary EyeQ tests and Vision Training Games are improving care and outcomes for a broad range of health, vision and performance conditions, including concussion, autism, Parkinson’s, reading issues, sports vision and everyday vision.



9zestHealthIT/ HealthTech

9zest, Inc. offers a mobile health solution for patients suffering from debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, and Chronic Pain. Using a holistic health regimen, 9zest has designed a suite of app-based rehabilitation solutions that harness principles of Neuroplasticity to provide holistic ‘at home’ therapy.

AudioStaqProgrammatic Advertising/On-Demand Audio

AudioStaq is a publishing and monetization platform that allows on-demand audio publishers to host, distribute, and monetize content. By using audio advertisement insertion technology, AudioStaq empowers podcast creators and advertisers to dynamically update advertisements in their pre-existing content giving them the ability to deliver household-specific advertising.

CameralPolitical Technology

Cameral is your Campaign in a Box – a platform for political candidates to start, manage, track, and win their campaign. Cameral’s unique, data driven political software incorporates more than half a billion records to optimize everything from direct mail to social media to election commission filing, for every size candidate.

ChromaWayBlockchain Technology

ChromaWay is a blockchain enterprise software company that provides deep integration to SQL-type databases for banking, real estate, and supply chain industries, in addition to the federal market. Chromaway is the world’s first consortium database using blockchain protocols to synchronize data among enterprises.

ClearForce Cybersecurity

ClearForce helps organizations eliminate insider risk and ensure a culture of trust within their workforce. ClearForce’s solution delivers event-based alerts of employee misconduct and high-risk behavior that occurs outside the workplace to identify employees under financial and personal stress who can become vulnerable to exploitation, susceptible to commit bad acts, or distracted in the performance of their job and operates as a consumer reporting agency with 100% employee consent.

HireCoder, Inc
HireCoder, IncOn-Demand Software Marketplace

HireCoder, Inc connects you to the top 1% of global remote coders in real time. HireCoder’s on demand software marketplace is the best place for clients and freelancers to connect, collaborate and get work done. Our platform offers live video chat with recommended coders that you can hire the same day and the Scrum and project are managed by our team of experts. We specialize in providing immediate access to experienced coders across a wide range of sectors and technical areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency.

Hungry Harvest
Hungry HarvestE-Commerce Grocery

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service on a mission to fight food waste and hunger. The organization purchases fresh produce from farms that would otherwise not have been sold – think apples that are odd sized, or oranges with green on the skin – assembles the produce into balanced variety boxes, and delivers the boxes to subscriber’s doorsteps weekly, for 20% less than retail.

iyotee Social Media

iyotee, the creators of Go2s, a trusted private social network is designed for purposeful interactions between real-life friends, relatives, and neighbors. The platform facilitates the exchange of information, recommendations, and services on the local-level, helping to build thriving community networks powered by the strength of word-of-mouth advertising.

Little Arms Studios LLC,
Little Arms Studios LLC,SaaS Training Simulations

Little Arms Studios LLC, creates and distributes custom-built learning management systems and training simulations for drones/UAS and First Responder industries. These simulations provide the tools necessary to get the repetitions and practice needed to grow skills sets and progress towards certification.

NepColGeospatial Intelligence

NepCol is integrating GeoSpatial technology and big data with its SpatialEdge application, providing situational and location awareness data to enterprises about their assets in real-time. The solution integrates local intelligence, business intelligence, and content management systems at the core-programming level.

PeopliseTalent Attraction/ Identification

Peoplise powers-up existing recruiting systems of large organizations, allowing businesses to accelerate by attracting new candidates from social media, screening candidates through smart questioning and identifying fit talent through proctored assessments with a full company-branded mobile journey.


PhotoSquared is an e-commerce application that allows users to select photos from their phone and then prints them on to 8”x8”, lightweight photo boards that are quickly shipped directly to the customer. The lightweight squares require no nails and are easily movable from wall-to-wall and room-to-room.

PingThingsEnergy/ Data Analytics

PingThings brings predictive intelligence solutions to the smart grid through its PredictiveGrid™ platform to help utilities make sense of sensor data using analytics and artificial intelligence. PredictiveGrid is designed to ingest, store, visualize, analyze, and learn from hundreds of thousands of sensor data streams in real-time with nanosecond time resolution to enable numerous use cases including predictive asset maintenance, fault detection, and global situational awareness.

remodelmateReal Estate Technology

remodelmate is a tech-enabled general contracting company helping customers complete a stress-free renovation. Remodelmate connects homeowners to contractors for major renovations through a web application.

ScholarVets Education

ScholarVets is an application for Military-connected college students on a mission to support Veterans and Military families before, during, and after college. ScholarVets serves the higher education and human resources market, allowing users to rate and review their college experience, connect with other veterans and Military members on campus, and network with top veteran hiring employers across the country.

SilverStayHealthIT/ HealthTech

SilverStay is a marketplace that enables families and healthcare professionals seeking short-term senior living options for their loved ones and patients looking to find and book assisted living rooms. SilverStay provides real-time availability, pricing, reviews, and the ability to book instantly at no cost to the user.

SmartBridge Health
SmartBridge HealthHealthIT/ HealthTech

SmartBridge Health challenges the notion that high-quality, accessible cancer care is either unachievable or prohibitively expensive. SmartBridge’s Expert Opinion process gives patients timely access to expertise and clinical guidance, helping save time and money while contributing to better health outcomes and happier lives.

SpiraFood Technology

Spira creates a consumer IoT device for health-conscious urbanites that grows a protein supplement using spirulina algae. Spira uses machine-learning to maximize production and is working to produce a delicious and sustainable protein as an ingredient for food companies at scale.






2012 & 2011

2011 Fall

510nano Inc.
Gift Connect (formerly AllStar Deals, Inc.)
Bookstore Genie
Distil, Inc.
ArmorText (formerlyGryphn)
Vibble.tv (formerly Internet Broadcasting Corp.)
Lemur Technologies
Masking Networks
Mytonomy Inc.
Outroop (formerly InnoEngineer)
Parking Panda
RevUp Render, Inc.
SaleMakr Inc.
Servhawk LLC

Past Presenter News



Demonstrated market traction with >$2M in ARR, have secured early financing round/s are growing at least 50% yearly growth and seeking institutional or corporate capital to facilitate this growth.



Companies that have recently entered the marketplace and have achieved customer validation or early traction.